Professional Development & Consultancy Services

We specialise in a range of areas for Professional Learning in Various Educational Settings

At Learning Matters we specialise in a range of areas for professional learning in various educational settings. Carla McNeil our Director has experience and expertise in educational leadership and consultancy.

Carla’s strengths lie in mathematics, the reading process, dyslexia and other learning differences, developing quality literacy intervention programmes, strategic planning and visioning development, team building, the impact of working memory and the development of executive function across all areas of learning.

Most recently Carla was a guest speaker at The Pearson Working Memory across the lifespan conference in Brisbane and Perth. 

“I saw you present yesterday in Perth and you were brilliant. I'm feeling so inspired. Thank you”



We offer a suite of workshops to teachers, sencos and school leaders, as well consultancy services tailor made to meet the needs of individual schools. We encourage you to contact us and discuss your school or centres needs with us. We endeavour to work alongside you to ensure that your professional learning reflects your school vision and strategic intents.

See below for our latest workshops and feedback from work with schools. We look forward to working with you and assisting you to enable your learners to be the best they can be.

“Thank you for your presentation today. It was fantastic! I'm looking forward to digging deeper with everything.”

Working Memory in the Classroom April 2016working-memory-workshop-pic

Well worth the time! Thank you again Carla and Kylie. It was fantastic - thanks heaps!! It was amazing. Learnt so much!


School Staff Meetings and Teacher Only Day Sessions held….

  • Developing Phonemic and Phonological Awareness
  • Developing your Staff Norms - Our Ways of Working and Being
  • Strategic Intent Planning Session - Where are we really going?
  • How can Learning Matters support you to support your learners?
  • Considering the impact of Working Memory on our learners and interventions.
  • The reading process, the reading brain and what the research says.
  • What does our data really tell us - learning about the science of learning and the role of executive function
  • The impact of working memory on maths facts acquisition and automaticity.


“Carla thank you for the vibrant way you presented to us. You have given us so much to think about and we now feel like we can make such a greater difference to our learners.”

“ As far as today goes for my practice, it was all and more that I could have hoped for. I am really excited about the buzz that was going on in my team when I came back inside. You have given us insight that we are on the right track in so many ways, and there is also so much more we can do, especially in terms of helping with working memory. “

“You have made a massive difference in my teaching already and my belief that I can make a difference to these kids lives. For this I thank you.”