Chit Chat with Dr Anita Archer

Carla Chit Chats with international expert Dr Anita Archer about Explicit Instruction and the relevance of this for all learners, the implementation of Structured Literacy and how this instruction is crucial for novice or struggling learners.


Dr. Anita Archer serves as an educational consultant to state departments and school districts on explicit instruction and literacy. She has presented in all 50 states and many countries and is the recipient of ten awards honoring her contributions to education. Dr. Archer has served on the faculties of three universities including University of Washington, University of Oregon, and San Diego State University. She has co-authored numerous curriculum materials including Phonics for Reading (Curriculum Associates), a three-level intervention program, REWARDS (Voyager/Sopris), a five component literacy intervention program, and a best-selling textbook titled Explicit Instruction: Effective and Efficient Teaching (Guilford Publications).


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