Chit Chat with Dr Carol Tolman

Join Carla and Dr Carol Tolman as they discuss the following: 

  • An Introduction to the Tolman Hourglass and how this was developed.
  • What the Hourglass represents and why this is important in reading and literacy acquisition.
  • How have schools used the Hourglass to upskill knowledge and consider their practice?


Involved with LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) since its inception, Carol brings her thirst for knowledge and passion for teaching teachers to the LETRS team. As a national and international presenter, Dr. Tolman draws on more than 25 years of experience in the public school system, including 13 years spent designing and implementing an innovative reading clinic and academic support collaborative for academically challenged high school students. Awarded a doctorate in educational psychology, she spearheaded many successful, long-term literacy initiatives both nationally and internationally. Within higher education, Dr. Tolman organized and delivered curriculum for the Massachusetts Licensure Program and conducted a four-year project for the Maryland Department of Education supporting literacy knowledge for professors. She is the author of Perspectives articles, “Working Smarter, Not Harder: What Teachers of Reading Need to Know and Be Able to Teach,” and “The Relationship Between Teacher Knowledge and Effective RTI: When We Know Better, We Do Better.” Dr. Tolman recently authored chapters on phonics and advanced word study in the text, “Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction and Assessment.” As a coauthor of LETRS Module 1 (2nd ed.), LETRS Module 10 (2nd ed.), and the LETRS Presenter’s Kits, Dr. Tolman presided over the LETRS Leadership Board, created the LETRS (3rd ed.) online professional development courses, and presents LETRS Training of Trainer (TOT) workshops.


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