Chit Chat with Nancy Young

Join Carla and Nancy Young as they discuss the Ladder of Reading.


Nancy Young is an experienced educator and speaker with extensive knowledge of evidence-based approaches to teaching reading, spelling and writing for both the general classroom and intervention programs.

Based in British Columbia, Canada, Nancy provides consulting services to schools and individual families across Canada and the United States. This includes teacher PD and coaching, reading/spelling/writing assessment (Level B), IEP planning, and reading/spelling program evaluation and development. Her speaking engagements cover a wide range of audiences, including parents, teachers, administrators and businesses, and are delivered in-person and online to global audiences.
Nancy’s areas of specialty include dyslexia, giftedness, ADHD, and ELL. Her extensive training includes a Bachelor of Education Degree in Elementary Education (giftedness focus) and a Master of Education Degree in Special Education (dyslexia focus). Nancy is currently a doctoral student (Ed.D. in Cognitive Diversity). She is a certified teacher (British Columbia, Canada) and a certified Structured Literacy Teacher (Center for Effective Reading Instruction, US). Nancy is a member of the International Dyslexia Association, The Reading League, Scientific Studies of Reading and the National Association for Gifted Children.

Nancy is the author of Secret Code Actions™: A Resource to Support Learning to Read and Spell the English Language. A "dictionary for the code" which includes snapshots of the instructional essentials most children need to learn the code, this unique tool presents ways to teach and practice reading and spelling skills using fun and creative physical movement. Written to support both teachers (Teacher Edition, August 2016) and parents (Parent Edition, March 2017), this resource can be used alongside any reading/spelling instruction or practice to improve skills while having fun – and moving!

Nancy is also the author of the Ladder of Reading, an infographic showing the ease at which children learn to read irrespective of IQ. Nancy’s Ladder of Reading is now being used by educators and parents all across the world to better understand the importance of evidence-based reading instruction for all children and the particular needs of children with dyslexia.


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