Chit Chat with Riette Schwass

Join Carla as she Chit Chats with Riette Schwass, Director & Audiologist of Bounse.

They chat about:
  • What is Auditory Processing
  • How does it impact our children?
  • How is it diagnosed?
  • How can we support them and what else should we know?


Riette has almost 20 years’ experience as an audiologist. She studied in South Africa where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Pathology and then proceeded to complete a Master’s degree in Communication Pathology specialising in Audiology and more specifically electro- physiology. When given the opportunity to work in New Zealand, Riette worked at the Waikato Hospital and split her time between the public and private sector. It was while working at the hospital audiology department that Riette first became familiar with Auditory Processing Disorder or APD.


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