Chit Chat with teachers and intervention specialists implementing Structured Literacy

Join Carla as she chats with teachers and intervention specialists that are implementing Structured Literacy using the iDeaL Approach. They discuss what the implementation process looked like, how they’ve aligned intervention with classroom practice, the progress they are seeing in their students, and their recommendations for others looking to implement a Structured Literacy approach. 


Julie Walker, Literacy Leader, Queenstown School

I taught New Entrants and led our large Junior School for many years. I then had 2 years teaching and leading the Year 3 / 4 Team between 2019 and 2020. I was privileged to be offered the Intervention Teacher role to support identified students through Structured Literacy at the beginning of this year. 

Having been a Reading Recovery teacher for a number of years I recognised there were many students for whom this programme didn't meet their needs.

I met Carla in 2017 and this was the beginning of my drive to bring Structured Literacy into our school. Since 2019, along with the rest of the QPS teaching staff, we have been on an exciting journey of personal growth and learning. 

I have a strong passion for literacy and supporting all students to have the tools and understanding to become successful readers and writers.

Keryn Wilson, Deputy Principal, SENCO, GATE coordinator and lead teacher of literacy at Ladbrooks School in Christchurch.

I've been captured by the positive difference that Structured Literacy makes as children learn to read, write and spell. 

While we started our Structured Literacy journey prior to the iDeaL Platform coming online, we have found it an enormously helpful tool as we shifted our practice and moved to using an evidence-based approach.

Theresa Kinloch, Willow Park School

I am the Team Leader for year 0/1 and the structured literacy coach at Willow Park School in Auckland. Our junior school started our structured literacy journey two years ago and last year made the considered decision to work with Learning Matters.  In 2021 we became a consultancy school and have implemented iDeaL through our whole school with a focus on Year 0-2.  We have also had great success filling some gaps for our older struggling readers and writers.

Megan Pentacost, Martinborough School

I am lucky enough to be doing a job I adore! I am a new entrant teacher at Martinborough School and have been newly appointed the role of Structured Literacy Leader. This is a role that is unquantifiable but I’m excited that as a school we have come to a place where we see the need for this appointment.


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