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Yes. We offer an initial 30 minute consultation service with one of our lead educators. The purpose of this is to determine what the pathway forward for your child should be. You can book in for this by emailing or by calling 027 LEARNIN and speaking to Saige.
The problems displayed by individuals with dyslexia involve difficulties in acquiring and using written language. It is a myth that individuals with dyslexia “read backwards,” although spelling can look quite jumbled at times because students have trouble remembering letter symbols for sounds and forming memories for words. Other problems experienced by people with dyslexia include the following:

Learning to speak
Learning letters and their sounds
Organising written and spoken language
Memorising number facts
Reading quickly enough to comprehend
Persisting with and comprehending longer reading assignments
Learning a foreign language
Correctly doing math operations
Yes. Learning Matters is a diagnostic specialist education centre. We are not a tutoring service. Our focus is on bridging the gap between neuroscience and education. Therefore, we assess not only curriculum content based skills but also the underlying executive functions which may be preventing your child from progressing in their learning. This is very empowering for the student as they then become aware of how they best learn and can apply this in all situations.
An educational psychologist is the only professional who is able to provide the label / diagnosis as such. Our Full Learner Profile Evaluation aims to identify if a student has a profile consistent with dyslexia. Our purpose at Learning Matters is to identify the strengths and challenges of a learner and to then formulate an education plan according to these.
A full Psych Ed Assessment is not necessary to determine that a student may have a profile consistent with dyslexia. Also the intervention and teaching approach which Learning Matters implements is internationally recognised as the gold standard intervention for learners who present with dyslexia and or other language learning differences.
If your child is presenting with dyslexia and is likely to qualify for reader writer accommodations for NCEA we recommend that you have a Level C Assessor and or Educational Pyschologist complete this assessment. This assessment is valid for three years so can be completed from year 8 so therefore is not necessary before year 8 unless you wish to have it repeated before NCEA in year 11.
Currently, we are running one One Day Learning and one Half Day Learning. Register your interest for further One Day/Half Day learning by emailing us. The Education Act allows school Principals to release students from regular schooling instruction when they deem the support to be suitable.

General Questions

Dyslexia is a lifelong journey and the length of intervention varies according to a number of factors. The may include: how well a child responds the intervention, which particular intervention is chosen in terms of one to one and or group, the wrap around and support of all persons involved with your child including home, school and Learning Matters.
Learning Matters is not a tutoring business. We are a passionate group of educators who are all MSL trained specialists through the Australian Dyslexia Association. We are proud to be building a professional body of educators who are all trained in the gold standard intervention for students who present with dyslexia and other literacy learning differences and exceptions.

We couple the students needs identified through diagnostic testing and executive function capabilities to best teach each individual. We also empower students to come to the understanding as to how they learn best.

The teaching approach Learning Matters uses is Multisensory (Visual-Auditory-Kinesthetic) for maximum learning and optimum memory strengthening. This approach is research and evidence based, and has been for over 50 years.
Yes, after 2 terms of sessions at Learning Matters, you will receive learning updates. Due to the diagnostic way of the teaching approach, at any point in time, you are welcome to touch base with your child’s educator to discuss their ongoing progress. You can do this by emailing them.
With your permission, yes. Learning Matters believes that to achieve the best outcomes for the students we work with it is important to take a transdisciplinary approach. This means working with all providers and educators who will assist your child. In many cases we become involved with schools through the assessment process, but not in all cases. Carla our Founder and Director spends a considerable amount of her time working with and alongside schools both in an advocacy and consultancy role.
We recommend that you contact Saige who can discuss various upcoming funding options for you. or 027 LEARNIN

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