The iDeaL Approach for Homeschoolers

Every decision to homeschool your child is unique.

If you are a homeschooler that would like to implement a Structured Literacy approach you are eligible to use the iDeaL Approach for schools.

We will require a copy of your Certificate of Exemption from the Ministry of Education to confirm your eligibility to homeschool your child.

We know that all brains learn to read the same way.

The International Dyslexia Association advocates for a Structured Literacy approach.

The iDeaL Approach enables you to implement a gold standard evidence-based teaching practice for your child in your homeschool setting.

The iDeaL Approach...

  • Is founded on extensive national and international research perspectives and findings
  • Provides professional learning and knowledge to teach explicitly
  • Provides a systematic, cumulative and clear scope and sequence aligned to resources and decodable texts
  • Is diagnostic and provides the tools to measure students’ progress
  • Is New Zealand’s only online Structured Literacy platform, and can be accessed anywhere online
  • Provides an online community which connects and supports through shared experiences. 

So what's included?

Instructional videos and specific teaching resources and lessons are provided with an informative, diagnostic, systematic, and cumulative approach to deliver Structured Literacy through direct instruction.

Importance is placed on supporting whanau to learn explicit lesson sequences and the principles of instruction.

The iDeaL Online Platform also provides assessment tools, and an automated reporting and progress-monitoring system.

View a tour of the iDeaL Online Platform

NB: this video is a live online tour hosted in August 2021.

What does it cost to access iDeaL?


$595 + GST annual investment per user

Home educator support package with access to the iDeaL Online Platform

With option 1 you will receive an annual subscription to the iDeaL Online Platform and also three one-on-one coaching sessions (via zoom) with our specialist educators.

Session 1 (2hrs) will provide the following:

  • A navigational tour of the platform
  • A talk through assessment flowchart 
  • How to complete an assessment (the assessment will be completed with your child for you to view and understand)
  • How to enter results 
  • How to generate reports
  • Finding your child’s starting point and how to use the iDeaL scope and sequence 
  • Review of the lesson structure including how to teach a lesson.

Session 2 (1/2 hour) will provide a first check in point after 2 weeks of using iDeaL

Session 3 (1/2 hour) will provide a final follow-up session after reassessment and advise on reassessment guidelines and advice on next steps to take.

At the end of your annual subscription you can renew option 1 or continue with option 2.


$249 + GST annual investment per user

Access to the iDeaL Online Platform only

With option 2 you will have access to the iDeaL Online Platform but will not receive any one-on-one coaching sessions from our specialist educators.

At the end of your annual subscription you can renew option 2 or move to option 1.

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