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Because you’re reading this, the big question you’re probably asking yourself is:

Why is my child struggling with reading, spelling and or maths?

Does my child have dyslexia?

Why is my child struggling with reading, spelling and or maths?

Does my child have dyslexia?

If those questions are on your mind, we know you’ll be feeling worried and anxious.

You might also be feeling:

  • Lost and unsure about who to trust and where to get the right kind of help for your child.
  • Maybe you’ve been battling to get someone to listen and take action. 
  • Perhaps your child has had a reading or maths tutor or other support in the past, but it’s made little or no difference. 

If this resonates, you’re in the right place. 

We’re here to help you determine whether your child has dyslexia (or another learning difference) and to ensure that you and your child receive the right support.

Supporting Children With Dyslexia And Dyscalculia

Understanding the what and the why behind your child’s dyslexia is an important first step.

We recommend starting with a parent consultation or a mini literacy or mathematics assessment. This enables us to determine the level of support your child requires.

We also offer a range of comprehensive assessment options to suit differing budgets and needs. These provide you and our educators with a greater level of understanding about the difficulties your child is experiencing. These assessments inform next teaching steps and help us all to understand the ‘why’ behind the struggle. 

During the assessment stage we determine what level of support is best for your child. Not all children require 1:1 support. In fact, most children do as well, if not better, from being in a paired teaching session. Our groups are no bigger than 2 students and one educator.

We offer you teaching sessions face to face in various locations, or via Zoom video call (for distance learners). During these sessions 

your child will work closely with one of our professional, highly skilled educators and will build a strong relationship with them. Alternatively, you may wish to help your child at home but are unsure where to start. Our home learning plan will support you to get underway and give you the resource recommendations you need. 

Progress learning updates are provided in 20 week intervals. 

We like to encourage collaboration and a wrap around service. This means we suggest you share the assessment information and all progress updates with your child's teacher. Teachers and school leaders are welcome to email us and make a time to meet to discuss how we can work together and align the teaching approach to ensure your child receives maximum benefit from their sessions. Choosing to have a collaborative action planning meeting is a great option to build shared understandings between stakeholders. 

Most of all we are here to help you determine the very best evidence-based learning support for your child.

Contact Us To Support Your Child’s Learning

Please contact us to arrange an initial 30 minute consultation with one of our lead educators. Consultations cost $60.

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