Parents are you PROACTIVE or REACTIVE?

Carla McNeil

At this time of the year, it is easy to say “oh it will all be ok, we will sort that out next year.” The hype of Christmas, coupled with the natural kiwi outlook of the grass will be greener on the other side (of the new year) may be how many of you feel right now.

The reality couldn’t be further from the truth. This perspective is a great example of how as parents we take a REACTIVE approach to dealing with things that need to be sorted. At times we are scared, don’t know who to trust and worry about finances.

The reality is, that if a child is having difficulty with learning literacy and or mathematics and the picture looks somewhat grim now, it will be worse by the time the new year hits. Many parents and teachers refer to what is commonly known as the summer slide.

What will you do to be proactive this summer and ensure that your child is on track for a great start to 2018? It costs nothing to pick up the phone and chat to someone about possibilities for your child. The clock is ticking and it continues to tick irrespective of Christmas and school holidays.

As parents, we have a choice. We can either Be PROACTIVE and head into our break feeling like we have all our ducks lined up with a clear plan for successful learning support for the new year, or we can Be REACTIVE and take that WAIT TO FAIL approach. I know which option I will be choosing.

Carla is the Founder and Director of Learning MATTERS Ltd. Carla has been a successful school Principal, Mathematics Advisor and Classroom teacher.

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