Issues in the Classroom – Podcast with Tessa Prebble and Carla McNeil

Carla McNeil

Education PodCaster Tessa Prebble from the One in a Million Baby hosts me in a conversation on education with three different roles.

As a mother to a teenager with multiple learning differences, as a former principal and classroom teacher, and now as the creator of Learning Matters, an educational consultancy based in Hamilton which focuses on helping families, students and schools, particularly in the area of dyslexia and literacy education.

In this episode, she talks about what she sees as the key issues in the classroom for teachers and learners when there is a learning difference present.

In this discussion, we cover a number of resources for parents and teachers wanting to educate themselves on literacy and dyslexia.

The Five from Five website, and the International Dyslexia Association website.

If you are a struggling teacher with questions around how you could be meeting your students’ needs better, to get in touch with Learning Matters at to discuss our learning solutions, or subscribe to our regular newsletter for educational professionals here.

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Carla is the Founder and Director of Learning MATTERS Ltd. Carla has been a successful school Principal, Mathematics Advisor and Classroom teacher.

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