Moon Dog Series Reading Books Set 1

Phonic Books


Such engaging texts suitable for students in their tweens and teens. They have age-appropriate illustrations and story lines that engage and encourage the student to read on.

Set 1 gradually introduces the initial sounds of the alphabet at CVC level text.

  • Book 1: s a t i m
  • Book 2: n o p
  • Book 3: b c g h
  • Book 4: d e f v
  • Book 5: k l r u
  • Book 6: j w z
  • Book 7: x y ff ll ss zz
  • Book 8: CVC

Set 1 comprises 8 books.

*Price includes GST and excludes postage.

A workbookis also available. The book is photocopiable. The activities include word building, reading, spelling, comprehension, and more.


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