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A simple definition is that handwriting is the use of the hand to produce written language (Berninger, 2012) but handwriting is a complex perceptual and motor skill. It involves storing visually all the letters of the alphabet and then, as spelling ability develops, storing many sight words in memory. It also involves motor skills where the student has to reproduce the visual forms correctly and at speed. It is well known that slow and difficult to read handwriting is linked with poor quality writing. Slow handwriting takes up mental energy which leaves fewer mental resources for high-level processes like planning that are needed for expressing ideas.

The Learning MATTERS scaffolded handwriting pages alongside the sky, grass, dirt analogy, will assist children to develop spatial awareness of where letters sit on lines during writing. The download comes with five A4 pages that contain different sized lines. Included is also a page of scaffolded letters to assist with memory for movement of the correct letter formation by giving the direction of where letters start when they are formed.

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