Evidence Based Literacy Interventions Webinar

NB: This upcoming webinar IS NOT included in our July webinar offer.

Attendees are required to participate on both days. and is suitable for current, future and aspiring iDeaL users, DPs, Sencos and LSCs.

Dates:  Dates and times to be confirmed. Please check back at a later date.

Tier 2 and 3 Intervention approaches must align with Tier 1 classroom instruction. The team at Learning Matters in conjunction with the iDeaL approach have developed a quality intervention process that will ensure alignment between Tiers1, 2 and 3 instruction.  This process and the corresponding documentation will be available for you to implement at the completion of the webinar series.

You will Learn: 

  • How to implement a cohesive approach to intervention at Tier 2 and 3
  • How to allocate and determine if a student is Tier 2 or 3 across year levels 1-8.   
  • The lesson sequence which best supports your students with literacy difficulties

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