The iDeaL Approach for Homeschoolers

Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for Structured Literacy?

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Join us for a FREE webinar where we talk you through the iDeaL Approach to Structured Literacy and provide a tour of the iDeaL Online Platform.

Date: Friday 6th May

Time: 1pm to 2pm (included in this time is an opportunity to ask questions)

Cost: FREE

The iDeaL Approach emphasises teaching that is clear, systematic and unambiguous for your child. It offers a pre-packaged curriculum for the literacy component of your homeschooling plan (for years 1 -8). It enables you to create an individualised programme via assessment and report generation, determine your child’s starting point, and move at the right speed through the concepts for them.

Using the iDeaL Approach will…

  • Build your knowledge: You will become increasingly knowledgeable, as you work through carefully selected learning modules to help build your capabilities to successfully teach crucial literacy skills.
  • Provide access to tools for assessment and resources: Assessments that have been designed to guide and direct systematic teaching practices and provide a personalised learning plan for your child. Teaching at your fingertips with a comprehensive suite of resources including phonological awareness and alphabetic principle scope and sequences, lesson PowerPoints and teaching material, fluency and vocabulary activities, and over 50 electronic decodable texts. No planning is necessary. All teaching materials and resources have been carefully aligned with both the New Zealand Curriculum and Literacy Learning Progressions.
  • Welcome you to a community of learners: Become part of the iDeaL Homeschooling community and experience success together! Grow your knowledge alongside other homeschooling parents and connect and support each other through shared experiences.
  • Bring confidence to your teaching: Increased outcomes. No second-guessing. Be reassured that you are not leaving reading to chance!

All of our previously held webinars are available on demand!


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