Until Every Child Can Read

You don't need to be floundering and wondering where to start and how to help your child any longer. 

A webinar series that will support parents and other stakeholders build their foundation knowledge and skills in the teaching of reading and spelling. 

This webinar is run over two sessions.

Dates/times: Coming Soon

Cost:  $82.50 + GST

This webinar will provide knowledge and practical strategies for you as a parent or teacher aide to help your child (students) become more fluent as a reader and speller. You will walk away with a systematic and 'easy to follow' process that will ensure many more children have success in literacy.  Building your knowledge and equipping you with evidence based key strategies and resources is the first step necessary to help each and every one of your children at home. Sessions will be systematic, effective and fun.   

Throughout this webinar you will learn: 

  • Develop an understanding of the brain learns to read 
  • Learn there is a method to how words work 
  • Spelling is a foundation for reading 
  • Spelling rules, syllable types and syllable division and the impact these have on cracking the reading and writing code 
  • Some words are regular and some are irregular, let's nut this out  
  • Develop an understanding of how decodable texts work 

Practical Takeaways:    

  • Lesson teaching examples for spelling and reading 
  • Games and Activities to use at home 
  • Spelling Rules explained and word lists  
  • Strategies for helping your child when they get stuck on a word 

Who is this webinar series for?

Suitable for parents with children of all ages, teacher aides (not at an iDeaL school), grandparents, homeschooling parents, classroom teachers beginning their structured literacy journey, and private tutors. 

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