Webinar Series: Step-by-Step Structured Literacy with the iDeaL Approach

The Why, What and How Explained

Build your knowledge and understanding of Structured Literacy, and move theory to practice.


This comprehensive 6 modular webinar series will layer your knowledge and understanding of the foundation skills required for ALL learners to become successful readers and writers before providing you with the tools and the 'how' to implement Structured Literacy in your classroom and or school. 

This webinar series does NOT skim the surface.

We will go deep with our learning, to build and layer your knowledge and understanding to successfully implement a sustainable approach with fidelity.

This series is suitable for RTLBs, RTLits, teachers, learning assistants and homeschooling parents with a ministry exemption already using the iDeaL Approach (independent of a consultant) as well as those who are wishing to become iDeaL users in 2022. 

During the webinar series temporary access to the iDeaL Platform will be provided for all attendees.

INVESTMENT: $260.00 + GST per person
Time:  7:00pm - 8:30pm

  • Module 1 & 2 - Monday 28th February and Tuesday 1st March
  • Module 3 & 4 - Monday 28th March and Tuesday 29th March
  • Module 5 & 6 - Monday 11th April and Tuesday 12th April 

​Module 1 (Monday 28th February)

Learn about:

  • The History of learning to read 
  • What does the Research tell us now? 
  • The Reading Brain understood
  • The Principles and Elements of Structured Literacy explained 

Module 2 (Tuesday 1st March)

Learn about:

  • Introducing the iDeaL platform - your platform for quality evidence-based SL instruction
  • The assessment process outlined - from Assessment - to Data Entry - to identifying beginning teaching points
  • The Systematic iDeaL scope and sequence

Module 3 (Monday 28th March)

Learn about:

  • Syllable Types and Syllable Division explained
  • Learn the most common spelling concepts

Module 4 (Tuesday 29th March)

Learn about:

  • The process of Orthographic Mapping explained
  • Explicit Instruction - Let's teach in a way that ensure our students 'get it'

Module 5 (Monday 11th April)

Learn about:

  • Teaching of irregular words – the step by step process explained
  • Cumulative lesson sequences understood and demonstrated
  • Explicit lessons modelled in spelling from phonology to morphology in four lessons

Module 6 (Tuesday 12th April)

Learn about:

  • Reading Fluency
  • How to teach using decodables
  • Reading lesson plans explained
  • Structured Literacy teaching techniques using journal articles and authentic texts
  • Planning your entire junior Structured Literacy block
  • The Structure to plan your ROADMAP for successful Structured Literacy implementation outlined

         *  Modules - when to complete these…. 
         *  Assessment who, what and when… 
         *  Data Entry - how - troubleshooting 
         *  Begin Teaching From
         *  Planning for your literacy block
         *  Ongoing support - Webinars -  iDeaL Facebook group - Coaching sessions with a consultant.

​Participants will walk away with:

  • A workbook full of gems
  • Increased knowledge
  • An example lesson sequence for spelling and reading (using decodable texts)
  • An understanding of what explicit looks like in a structured literacy lesson
  • ROADMAP of where to from here for successful implementation of Structured Literacy.

NB: All attendees will receive a recording of the webinar series.

All of our previously held webinars are available on demand!


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