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Spelling is Telling - The why and how to teach and the rules explained

Dr Louisa Moats says “Spelling is a visible record of language processing. It is language written down. What we can glean from looking at a child’s writing and spelling can tell us so much about what is going on for them.”

Spelling certainly is telling. As teachers it is important we know why and what to look for so we can directly teach. Do you give words or do you teach spelling? If you are a classroom teacher, literacy leader or specialist and or a school senco then this full day workshop is for you. During the day you will learn why spelling (alphabetic principle) is fundamental to success in literacy. We will share examples of what a systematic and cumulative approach in spelling looks like.

Throughout the day you will:

  • Learn many spelling rules and concepts
  • Understand the difference between phonology, high frequency words, irregular words and sight words
  • Understand why having a consistent approach to the teaching of spelling is not only important but necessary
  • Develop an awareness of why some programmes seem to work and others don’t
  • Determine what your next learning steps are
  • Become prepared to walk back into school the next day with many more answers around what an evidence based approach to spelling looks like
  • Gather the tools and develop the necessary confidence to begin to truly teach spelling and make a bigger difference to every student but particularly those neuro diverse learners in your classroom

Auckland - $195 + gst

1st October 2019

Venue: Birkenhead Primary School, 77 Mokoia Road, Birkenhead