Specialise in Evidence-Based Structured Literacy Intervention

LMIT has successfully attained an Accreditation PLUS level from the International Dyslexia Association. 

Five-day training held face-to-face in Auckland from January 13 to January 17 2025

Five-day training held online from June 30 to July 4 2025

Five-day training held face-to-face in Christchurch | Dates TBA

Welcome to Learning MATTERS Intervention Teaching (LMIT) Certification; professional development that specialises in evidence-based Structured Literacy intervention.

Designed to build your knowledge and practice

The LMIT training is a comprehensive 12-month training course, specifically designed to build your knowledge and practice as a specialist intervention practitioner. As well as developing extensive knowledge of systems of phonology, orthography, syntax, morphology and semantics, participants of LMIT will be supported in learning and administering quality intervention assessment tools suitable for creating diagnostic education plans for use during evidence-based instruction. Great emphasis will be placed on developing how to teach through various practicum requirements.

Ultimately, this professional development training course will enable you to develop extensive specialised knowledge in the science of reading. You will be equipped to teach in an intervention setting using a Structured Literacy approach that is diagnostic, explicit, systematic, cumulative and multi-sensory.

We have worked with the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) to develop a training curriculum and course that aligns with the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS). Our LMIT training has successfully attained an Accreditation Plus level from the International Dyslexia Association.

What is Accreditation Plus?

Accreditation Plus is the highest level of accreditation awarded by the IDA to courses that meet their rigorous standards for teacher training in literacy education, particularly focused on dyslexia. It signifies comprehensive training that includes a practicum component bridging theory into practice.

Why Accreditation Plus?

Having Accreditation Plus means our course has been thoroughly reviewed and meets the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. This ensures that educators receive high-quality training aligned with evidence-based practices in literacy instruction, especially for students with dyslexia.

Why alignment with the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards?

Alignment with the IDA standards ensures that our course content is based on the latest research and best practices in literacy education. It provides confidence to educators that they are receiving training that meets internationally recognised standards for effective reading instruction.

What does this mean for our LMIT graduates?

Upon completing our LMIT certification, graduates gain a deep understanding of literacy acquisition, knowledge of diverse reading profiles including dyslexia, assessment techniques, Structured Literacy instruction methods, and professional dispositions and practices - all in line with IDA standards. Additionally, they have the opportunity to sit the KPEERI exam through the Centre of Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) and apply for the Structured Literacy Classroom Teacher (SLCT) Knowledge Certificate, recognised by the IDA throughout the United States and elsewhere.

Who is this Professional Development for?

LMIT will enhance knowledge and strengthen educators’ practice of Structured Literacy for intervention settings.

This training certification is designed for a range of professionals, including Tier 3 Providers, Psychologists, Literacy Tutors, RTLiTs, RTLBs, SENCos, Classroom Teachers, Learning Support Coordinators, Teaching Assistants, and Parents. Participants can expect to deepen their understanding and improve their practice of Structured Literacy to better support struggling readers and learners.

Take a tour of LMIT

NB: this tour was recorded via a live webinar in April 2024.

Course design and inclusions

The LMIT Certification is completed over a 12-month period and involves:

  • Five days of intensive face-to-face learning with a LMIT facilitator, either online or in-person, depending on the chosen course setup. 

  • A personal login to the LMIT Online Platform (for the duration of the training) which allows access to modules and coursework anytime and anywhere (with an internet connection), alongside relevant readings and videos to further your learning and understanding.

  • Self-paced online modules to work through within a suggested schedule along with having allocated time for reflection and to complete online activities.

  • A LMIT learning folder with module workbooks, diagnostic assessment, lesson plan template, and concept teaching cards with word list suggestions.

  • A practicum (commencing midpoint during the course) for which participants will be required to complete the following minimum requirements:

    • 28 full multi-sensory structured literacy 1:1 sessions with a student

    • Weekly for 50-60 minutes (non-consecutive days if more than once a week)

    • Completion of three formal lesson observations. Follow up coaching and written feedback will be provided.

  • Support from the LMIT facilitators at key times during your learning to connect within group style and 1-1 remote settings to support you through the theory and practicum components.

A Certification of Completion of LMIT

In order to receive a Certificate of Completion, you must complete the face-to-face learning and self-paced online requirements of the course, and complete all the requirements of the practicum. 

In order to complete the online component in its entirety, each module requires a pass of 80% or more.

Successfully completing LMIT and receiving certification will set you up to sit the Knowledge and Practice Examination for Effective Reading Instruction (KPEERI) exam. Learn more about this internationally recognised qualification here.

Investment and timings

Enrolments are processed on a first come first serve basis, early enrolment is encouraged to secure your place. Cohorts are limited to a maximum of 40 participants.

Five-day training held face-to-face in Auckland from January 13 to January 17 2025

Five-day training held online from June 30 to July 4 2025

Five-day training held face-to-face in Christchurch | Dates TBA

The 2025 LMIT Certification investment is NZ$3,250 (excluding GST) which includes all LMIT resources, access to the LMIT Online Platform, diagnostic assessment, lesson plan template, support from LMIT facilitators including formal observations, feedback and professional marking.

Please note, our 2025 LMIT cohorts can hold a maximum of 40 participants. Though we closely track enrolment, there might be instances where the limit is exceeded. In such cases, priority is given to those who have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and made prompt payment according to the required payment terms. If the enrolments exceed 40, a waitlist option will be offered.

Optional extra

LMIT participants have the opportunity to access the iDeaL Specialists Platform as an optional extra for 12 months duration, for a minimal fee.

The iDeaL Specialist Platform, features extensive resources, assessments, and reporting systems. It includes:

  • Research-Backed Foundations: Systematic and cumulative scope and sequence based on extensive research.

  • Comprehensive Assessment Tools: High-quality tools for creating diagnostic education plans.

  • Intervention Instruction: Resources, including concept lesson guides, reading passages and slides,  for multi-sensory, systematic, and explicit teaching.


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