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2024 | Two-day Spelling and Reading Workshops

Join us for this enriching two-day workshop that will deepen your understanding of the foundational skills essential for all learners to excel as readers and writers. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and practical tools to integrate Structured Literacy into your classroom or school environment using the iDeaL Approach.

Day one – iDeaL Spelling | Spelling MATTERS

  • Understanding the literate brain

  • Assessment for spelling

  • Explicit teaching through a 4-lesson sequence

  • The process of dictation

  • Tips for scaffolding the encoding process.

Day two - iDeaL Reading | Knowing and teaching the reading brain

  • Unpacking the Reading Rope - Language Comprehension and Word Recognition skills

  • Learn how you can recognise the 4 most common reading profiles of students in your class

  • Your assessment Kete explained - Non word reading assessments and the iDeaL Reading Skills Record

  • Planning for instruction - differentiating through various plans and text use.

These workshops are suitable for classroom teachers new to an iDeaL school, teachers wanting to get started on their SL journey, RTLits, RTLBs and school leaders wanting to build their knowledge, practice and learn more about the comprehensive iDeaL Approach to Structured Literacy. NB: you do not need a subscription to iDeaL for this workshop.

Workshops are located throughout New Zealand | Register today and embark on an evidence-based learning experience!

Whether you're new to evidence-based reading instruction or a seasoned pro, the day will have something for everyone. A day to think deeply about practice, be inspired, and hear the research.

Further Professional Learning Options

FREE online tour of iDeaL

Are you interested in learning more about the iDeaL Approach for Schools?

We are holding a FREE online tour Thursday 13 June from 3.30PM to 4.15PM.

During the tour, we will discuss how iDeaL aligns with a Structured Literacy approach, show you around the iDeaL Online Platform, and run through the iDeaL process from PLD – assessment – resources - progress monitoring.

The tour will be held via Microsoft Teams. Please ensure you click on the Registration button below and enter your details.

Approved PLD providers

Under the PLD priorities the Learning MATTERS’ consultancy team is able to provide funded, regionally allocated professional learning and development services to schools, kura, Kāhui Ako and clusters in Assessment for Learning and Local Curriculum Design. 

In-school consultancy

Our in-school consultancy team helps guide and enable schools with the implementation of Structured Literacy supported by the iDeaL Approach. 

We can provide Teacher Only Days (TOD) or a Whole School Professional Learning Series

The iDeaL Approach

The iDeaL Approach for provides the tools and resources to implement a comprehensive structured literacy approach that lifts literacy outcomes when delivered as intended.

LMIT Certification

The Learning MATTERS Intervention Teaching (LMIT) Certification is a professional development opportunity specialising in evidence-based structured literacy intervention. It is designed to enhance knowledge and strengthen educators’ practice.


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