Are you wondering

"Why is my child struggling with reading and spelling?"

"Does my child have dyslexia?"

If those questions are on your mind, we know you’ll be feeling worried and anxious.

You might also be feeling:

  • Lost and unsure about who to trust and where to get the right kind of help for your child.
  • Maybe you’ve been battling to get someone to listen and take action. 
  • Perhaps your child has had a reading tutor or other support in the past, but it’s made little or no difference. 

If this resonates, you’re in the right place. 

Understanding the what and the why behind your child’s literacy difficulty is an important first step.

We’re here to help you determine whether your child has dyslexia (or another literacy difficulty) and to ensure that you and your child receives the right support.


We offer a full cognitive and educational assessment which will provide you with a greater level of understanding about the difficulties your child is experiencing. This assessment informs you of the next teaching steps and provides clarity of the ‘why’ behind the struggle. 

Learning Support at Home

If you are a home schooling parent with a Certificate of Exemption from the Ministry of Education you are eligible to use the iDeaL Approach for Homeschooling.

Learning Support with iDeaL Specialists

If you are considering learning support for your child, below are details of iDeaL Specialists providing evidence-based learning support using the iDeaL Approach to Structured Literacy. 

Please contact them directly to discuss your learning support needs.

iDeaL Specialists

North Island based iDeaL Specialists

Pānui Me Te Tuhi Limited - Tiana ConnollyP: 021 08215021E: panuimetetuhi@gmail.comTe Awamutu
Pānui Me Te Tuhi Limited

Tiana Connolly

P: 021 08215021


Te Awamutu

Learning Reconnect NZ - Margot HornerP: 021 1455102E: learningreconnectnz@gmail.comTe Awamutu/Cambridge
Learning Reconnect NZ

Margot Horner

P: 021 1455102


Te Awamutu/Cambridge

Growing Literacy - Laura ColemanE: growingliteracynz@gmail.comRaglan
Growing Literacy

Laura Coleman



Literacy Learners Mount Maunganui - Annette BarnettP: 027 2500402E: annette.barnett.literacy.learners@gmail.comTauranga
Literacy Learners Mount Maunganui

Annette Barnett

P: 027 2500402



Word Wise  - Tarryn PrattE: tarryn.wordwise@gmail.comThe Lakes, Tauranga
Word Wise

Tarryn Pratt


The Lakes, Tauranga

South Island based iDeaL Specialists

Interested in hearing more about becoming an iDeaL Specialist and using the iDeaL Approach in a private intervention setting? Click here to register your interest.

Further information and support

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  • What has worked
  • What hasn't worked.

This will have you experiencing many 'aha' moments, sharing in the emotional journey, and walking away with clarity and a sense of connection.


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