Learning MATTERS specialise in evidence-based Structured Literacy support.

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Welcome to Learning MATTERS

Because learning differences exist.

Our belief is that all children in New Zealand have the right to receive and benefit from evidence-based literacy education. 

We know the most beneficial way for children to become successful readers and writers is with a systematic and evidence-based teaching approach that is based on the Science of Reading. 

An approach called Structured Literacy. 

We equip teachers and educators with the knowledge and practice to support their students with Structured Literacy using our trademarked iDeaL Approach.

Our practices are founded on and align with the Orton Gillingham approach.

Our Work

Our work grows understanding about how children learn best.

We support schools to build their knowledge and put in place a consistent, evidence-based pedagogy rather than intervention programmes in isolation.

  We provide training and support to iDeaL Specialists to influence the alignment of evidence-based learning support. 

We are committed to influencing evidence-based change in education for the better.

Our Mission

We believe in the importance of aligning evidence-based support outside the classroom with teaching in the classroom.

We aspire to grow the accessibility to this GOLD standard of teaching to ALL children by building knowledge to influence practice across New Zealand.

We are working to change the status quo of evidence-based literacy instruction across the country.

Early intervention is crucial. We cannot wait until a student is in Year 2, 3, 4, let alone Year 10 to determine they are experiencing difficulties.

If you are looking to make an evidence-based difference check out our upcoming events and professional learning options.


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