Learning MATTERS selected as Literacy & Communication trial provider

Friday 10th June 2022

Learning MATTERS has been selected as one of three providers to trial literacy & communication (lit/comm) support packages to provide accelerative support for learners in Years 2 to 8 with Tier 2 and 3 needs.

The Ministry is undertaking this trial to obtain data on the impact of interventions for learners who haven’t experienced structured literacy. The interventions in the trial complement the early learning approach introduced by the Ministry in 2021. The data gathered will inform the implementation of the new Literacy & Communication and Maths Strategy.

The trial, funded by Te Mahau, within the Ministry of Education, will be independently evaluated by a consortium of Ripple Research, Design and Evaluation and Kōtātā Insight.

Learning MATTERS has commenced working with 15 Kura located in Southland, Hawke’s Bay, Wellington, and Canterbury to deliver the literacy & communication support package which provides participants with the knowledge, skills and process to put into practice the iDeaL (individual, diagnostic, explicit approach to learning) Intervention Teaching Approach, with a target year level range of Years 4 – 6 in Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention.

Learning MATTERS Managing Director Carla McNeil said, “This trial is an incredible opportunity to work in partnership with the Ministry of Education, participating Kura and Independent Evaluators to research the effectiveness of the iDeaL Approach in an intervention setting for our ākonga. This package will support participating teachers and specialists with Professional Learning and Development and appropriate resources to apply a Structured Literacy approach in Tier 2 and Tier 3 learning environments.”

“Our work with Kura throughout this trial period is focused not only on increased ākonga progress and outcomes but to also build a consistent evidence-based educational approach by coaching and supporting kaiako throughout the implementation process to achieve greater shifts themselves.”

The literacy & communication package commenced in May 2022 and will be trialled throughout the 2022 school year.

For more information contact:

Rachael Griffin, Communications, Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Email: marketing@learningmatters.co.nz

About the iDeaL Approach: The iDeaL Approach to Structured Literacy provides kaiako with the knowledge and tools to teach foundational literacy skills in a systematic and cumulative evidence-based approach. iDeaL is currently used by more than 250 Kura throughout New Zealand (60 in a consultancy capacity with Learning MATTERS).


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