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  • Alba Series Reading Books

    12 book set

    The Alba Series, released in 2014 contains 12 books offering a step-by-step phonic progression within exciting, beautiful full-colour illustrations and age-appropriate stories.

    This series covers the essential…

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  • Dandelion Launchers Unit 1-7

    Dandelion Launchers Units 1-7 is series of 28 simple, decodable books that introduce the initial sounds of the alphabet. Each page has one line of text at CVC level….

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  • Dandelion Launchers Unit 11-15

    For Beginner Readers
    20 reading books with consonant digraphs

    Dandelion Launchers Units 11-15 introduces consonant digraphs ch, sh, th, ck, wh, ng and qu. Each unit enables the student…

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  • Dandelion Launchers Unit 8-10

    For Beginner Readers:
    12 reading books with consonant blends

    Dandelion Launchers Units 8-10 includes 12 books which introduce consonant blends. Four different books in each unit offer lots of…

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  • Magic Belt Series Reading Books

    12 Book Set

    The Magic Belt Series includes 12 decodable reading books for catch-up readers who would benefit from starting a phonics program from the beginning.

    Age-appropriate quest stories with…

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  • Moon Dog Series Reading Books

    16 Books Sets 1 & 2

    The Moon Dog Series is designed to appeal to older catch-up readers who are still at the very early stages of reading. The…

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  • Moon Dog Vowel Spelling Series

    14 Book Set

    Set 3 in the series these decodable books for older, beginner readers are a contemporary series, continuing the adventure of the characters in the Moon Dog…

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  • Rescue Series Reading Books

    10 book set

    This high interest reading series is based on the character of Erin and an adventure about her babysitting her baby brother. Danny, a friend of Erin’s…

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