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Further Professional Learning Options

Approved PLD providers

Under the PLD priorities the Learning MATTERS’ consultancy team is able to provide funded, regionally allocated professional learning and development services to schools, kura, Kāhui Ako and clusters in Assessment for Learning and Local Curriculum Design. 

In-school consultancy

Our in-school consultancy team helps guide and enable schools to implement a Structured Literacy approach supported by the iDeaL Approach. 

We can provide Teacher Only Days (TOD) or a Whole School Professional Learning Series

The iDeaL Approach

The iDeaL Approach has been developed by Learning MATTERS to provide the tools and resources to implement a comprehensive Structured Literacy approach that lifts literacy outcomes when delivered as intended.

LMIT Certification

The Learning MATTERS Intervention Teaching (LMIT) Certification is a professional development opportunity specialising in evidence-based Structured Literacy intervention. It is designed to enhance knowledge and strengthen educators’ practice 


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