Application of Structured Literacy Teaching Years 0 - 3

Funded Professional Learning and Development 

Gain the knowledge and tools you need to implement Structured Literacy effectively and improve literacy outcomes for your students.

Comprehensive and Funded Training

This professional learning and development (PLD) prepares and supports Year 0-3 Teachers to implement a Structured Literacy approach within their teaching context.

Graduate with an 'Application of Structured Literacy Teaching Years 0-3' Certification by completing our PLD, which includes:

-Three Full-Day Workshops

Covering essential topics like oral language, phonological awareness, spelling instruction, reading and writing practices, cognitive theories, and explicit instruction methods. The first two days are face-to-face, with a third day of remote real-time learning. These sessions will help you structure your literacy block, including the important components for teaching and assessment. A fully remote learning option is also available.

-Eight 1.5-Hour Remote Community of Practice Sessions

Build your knowledge and practice gradually with ongoing support, ensuring sustainable implementation.

Indicative Time Requirements

* Time frames shown above are for the duration of the PLD and are indicative only. Week 1 indicates the start of the PLD (not the start of term). The start dates of the PLD may vary from location to location.

Support and Resources

Access to the iDeaL Schools Platform

During the PLD, participants will have temporary access to the iDeaL Schools Platform for a trial period to support/facilitate the application of their learning.

The platform's content aligns with the New Zealand Curriculum and emphasises clear, systematic instruction for ākonga. Resources follow a systematic, cumulative scope and sequence per the iDeaL Approach. Assessments identify students' needs and strengths, determining their starting point for instruction.

By providing these assessments and resources, Years 0 - 3 Teachers can focus on building their knowledge and teaching.

Following the PLD, teachers should feel confident in their knowledge and practice, enabling them to effectively use evidence-based resources and assessments of their choice.

Support from iDeaL Coaches

Get support via phone or email, including guidance, feedback, and practical solutions for using the iDeaL Schools Platform

How to Apply

Check the timeframes and apply via the MoE website to receive your MoE Application Reference Number (ARN)

Once you have received your ARN for this PLD, head to your preferred Learning MATTERS PLD cohort/location and complete the associated registration form.

Added Benefits

Leadership Development

Our PLD enhances the leadership infrastructure within your kura, fostering sustainable and transformational change. The iDeaL Online Platform provides access to essential leadership tools, including lesson checklists and an implementation matrix outlining progressive stages (Developing – Embedding – Sustaining).

Delivery Options to Support School Release

We offer a variety of locations and timings across Cohort 1 (which starts in Term 3) and Cohort 2 (which starts in Term 4). We offer flexibility where each school is able to register teachers across multiple locations to accommodate your team's schedule and support teacher release.

The below depicts an overview of proposed cohorts and locations:

* Locations are indicative only, and may be subject to change.

Locations and Timings

Important Information

If your preferred location is not available until Cohort 2 (Term 4) you will need to select an alternate location within Cohort 1 OR seek permission from the Ministry of Education to commence you PLD in Cohort 2 (Term 4). You will need to contact the MoE at as soon as possible.

If your preferred location is in Cohort 2, or you would prefer to spread your teachers across locations (including those available in Cohort 2) please continue to enrol in Cohort 2 below. These enrolments will be treated as expressions of interest until you receive confirmation from the MoE that you can transfer you PLD funding into Cohort 2.

Cohort 1 | Term 3 Commencement

Applications will close approximately four weeks prior to commencement or when capacity is reached, whichever comes first.


26 August 2024

Auckland West

29 August 2024


28 August 2024


26 August 2024


12 September 2024


29 August 2024


2 September 2024


27 August 2024


3 September 2024


4 September 2024

Cohort 2 | Term 4 Commencement

Applications will close approximately four weeks prior to commencement or when capacity is reached, whichever comes first.

Auckland North

14 October 2024

Auckland South

21 October 2024


21 October 2024


21 October 2024


14 October 2024


17 October 2024


14 October 2024


21 October 2024



Further Information

What the PLD Includes

  • 'Application of Structured Literacy Teaching Years 0-3' Certification.

  • Three days of learning (two face-to-face and one online/all online).

  • Eight 1.5 hour community of practice sessions – held online.

  • Two 1 hour online group sessions to support in key areas of application.

  • Temporary access to the iDeaL Schools Platform for a trial period, which includes resources that follow a systematic and cumulative scope and sequence as per the iDeaL Approach. The platform provides assessments to identify students' needs and strengths, determining their starting points for instruction. It also offers a structure for progress and comparison reporting.

  • Support from an iDeaL Coach throughout the duration of the PLD via phone/email.

Time Requirement and Activities for Years 0-3 Teachers

To achieve the Application of Structured Literacy Teaching Years 0-3' Certification, teachers are required to attend three full days (9am to 3pm) of PLD in person, plus attend eight 1.5hour online community of practice sessions.

Who Should Apply for this PLD

This year, the funded PLD is for years 0-3 teachers including:

  • Full time or part-time teachers

  • Staff employed on a Limited Authority to Teach (LAT)

  • RTLit/RTLB, reading recovery teachers and other specialist staff attached to the school

  • Regular relieving teachers

We encourage all Year 0–3 teachers to apply. 

As stated on the Ministry website: Priority will be given to teachers who have had no prior training in structured teaching approaches for literacy. If a school already has teachers trained in structured literacy approaches, this does not exclude the school from applying for this PLD for their untrained teachers.

Click here for eligibility criteria as stated on the Ministry website.

Why Choose Learning MATTERS

We're dedicated to bridging research and practice, offering Structured Literacy Professional Learning and Development (PLD) that brings lasting benefits to New Zealand educators and students.

For over eight years, Learning MATTERS has been a trusted partner for schools and educators across Aotearoa. We support Structured Literacy implementation and empower educators with evidence-based practices.

Our experience includes:

  • Professional Learning and Development | We offer engaging, practical, and motivating sessions.

  • Expert Facilitation | Our PLD is delivered by passionate, knowledgeable consultants.

  • Consistent Implementation Plans | We promote effective Structured Literacy across from years 0 to 8 and in secondary settings.

  • Comprehensive Coverage | Our approach addresses Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 needs.

  • The iDeaL Approach to Structured Literacy | Developed by Learning MATTERS specifically for the New Zealand educational context and used in 30% of schools throughout the country.

  • The LMIT Certification | Developed by Learning MATTERS as a training in Structured Literacy for Tier 3 intervention, accredited by the International Dyslexia Association.

  • Partnership with the Ministry of Education, including:

  • Approved PLD Provider | Specialised services in Structured Literacy tailored to the needs of individual kura.

  • Literacy and Communications Research Trial (2022) | Supported Years 2 to 8 learners with Tier 2 and 3 needs through face-to-face and remote training using the iDeaL Approach.

  • Programmes for Students (PfS) Accelerating Learning in Literacy (ALL) | Delivering tailored PLD sessions to enhance kaiako skills in literacy assessment and intervention.

Our unwavering commitment to New Zealand educators involves bridging research to practice, formulating professional learning and development opportunities, and providing valuable resources for the New Zealand educational landscape.


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