I am a Teacher of READING, I have a confession to make… I am consensus — based in my approach.

I have a bone to pick. Why is it that we are so consensus based in our approach to the teaching of reading in this country? I am trying to understand why listening to the teacher next door, the principal up the road and the parent around the corner takes precedent over the evidence of what science says about learning to read.

As teachers and educators understanding that we need to build an interface in the brain of a child and not simply have them glance at a picture and guess a word is crucial. Dehaene explains this for us in this clip.

So many children are struggling with learning to read fluently. What have we missed? How can it be that with all this technology and science available we still have the rates of underachievement that we do? Why do we still intervene with methods that don’t reflect, nor represent research and evidence?

Enter the ELEPHANT in the room, TEACHER EDUCATION. Teachers in New Zealand are fortunate and rare if they have knowledge and understanding of the importance of Structured Literacy. Let’s be aware that we have a learning journey to go on as teachers and leaders. We may have had it wrong in the past. Yes, there is a place for establishing meaning but as this diagram illustrates it is one on the many components of READING. Fluency impacts Comprehension. If students you are working with have FLUENCY difficulties look further, deeper. How do they present in terms of their Alphabetic Principle and Phonological Awareness?

Do you crave CONFIDENCE, Knowledge and Ability when teaching struggling readers? Do you need help as a teacher, school COL? REACH out, we are here to work alongside you and support you on your journey.Give us a call or flick me an email. We can certainly put you on the pathway to Teaching Success.

So where will you start? No more excuses — let’s get this PARTY STARTED. Our kids deserve to be literate.

Carla McNeil

Carla is the Founder and Director of Learning MATTERS Ltd. Carla has been a successful school Principal, Mathematics Advisor and Classroom teacher.


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