Syllable Split

To secure the knowledge that syllables are parts of spoken and written words

Syllable Split

Learning Matters


Phonological Awareness requires a child to hear and manipulate spoken parts of words (syllables).

Blending syllables helps with decoding (reading). 
Generating syllables then breaking those syllables into sounds is a strategy used when spelling.

Syllable split comes with 20 Kiwiana style images that are already split into how many syllables they contain to explicitly teach that syllables are parts of words.  

This fun hands-on resource comes with 10 scripted lesson plans suitable for one-one, small groups, or a whole class. This resource is a great segway to the explicit teaching of open and closed syllables.


  • Syllable Split instructions
  • Glossary of images
  • Lesson Plans 1 - 10
  • x20 Syllable Split images
  • Student Activity

This resource is also part of the Learning Matters Literacy Success Kit.

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For more information about cracking the CODE with syllable division, check out the following blog.

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