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To secure the knowledge that syllables are parts of spoken and written words

Webinar: Cracking the Code through Syllable Division

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Length of Webinar: 120 minutes

Are you a teacher, intervention specialist, learning assistant or parent? Would you like to learn strategies to help your child or students to be able to crack the code and read through multisyllabic words reliably?

If you are looking for decoding strategies that benefit ALL readers and can be applied to spelling then this webinar is for you. As the International Dyslexia Association say.... "Syllable division rules heighten the reader’s awareness of where a long, unfamiliar word may be divided for great accuracy in reading the word".

View a snippet of the webinar below.

Throughout the webinar, you will:

  • Understand how syllable division aligns with the science of reading
  • Learn what foundation skills children need intact before you teach them a syllable division strategy
  • Learn how to explicitly teach syllable division strategies
  • Understand that the strategies for helping students when they are reading multisyllabic words in texts can also be applied when trying to spell multisyllabic words.
  • Learn common basic syllable division strategies using 2 syllable words that consist of various syllable types
  • Learn how to measure the progress of reading at word - level
  • Be equipped with interactive strategies and activities you can take away to teach how to crack the code

This webinar is suitable for…… Classroom Teachers, Learning Assistants, Sencos, Parents who Homeschool, Tutors in Private Practice.

NB: Any associated materials and workbooks will be provided with the webinar.

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