The iDeaL Stage 1 School Entry and Intervention Literacy Assessment Screening Tool

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Please note: you will have 7 days to review the recording from access being made available. Webinar cost is per single person viewing, we ask that you please not share with others who have not paid for the use or viewing of this webinar.  

Length of Webinar:  

  • Session 1 - 125 minutes
  • Session 2 - 135 minutes

"Poor phonological awareness is the most common cause of poor reading. Reading problems can be prevented if all students are trained in letter-sound skills and phonological awareness, starting in kindergarten." David Kilpatrick (2002)

View a snippet of the webinar:

Throughout the webinar, you will learn:

  • What structured literacy (SL) is
  • Why SL is the platform we should be teaching all students from
  • How iDeaL Stage 1 assessment is founded the research and principles of structured literacy
  • How to administer this assessment
  • Gain insight into how this assessment tool can be analysed and an individual education plan generated using the iDeaL platform for an individual, group or class of students
  • How to plan for instruction based on assessment findings.

NB: Any associated materials and workbooks will be provided with the webinar.

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