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To secure the knowledge that syllables are parts of spoken and written words

Webinar: Literacy Learning Differences. The What, Why and How to Intervention Success

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Please note: you will have 7 days to review the recording from access being made available. Webinar cost is per single person viewing, we ask that you please not share with others who have not paid for the use or viewing of this webinar.  

Length of Webinar:  

  • Module 1 - 125 minutes
  • Module 2 - 124 minutes

View a snippet of the webinar:

Module  1 - Knowledge is Power:

  • Develop your understanding of literacy learning differences - Dyslexia and Dysgraphia
  • Develop an understanding of executive functions through a simplistic explanation of working memory and the impact this has for our struggling learners
  • Develop your understanding of the foundation skills in literacy
  • Principles and Elements of Structured Literacy
  • Delve into the English language and learn exactly what syllable types, words with irregular sounds and sight words are

Module  2 - Bringing Intervention Sessions to Life through Practical Activities:

  • The steps to explicitly teaching spelling
  • Building fluency through word level reading and Decodable Texts
  • Learn the importance of handwriting and how you can best support letter reversals and misformed letters
  • Planning for explicit evidence-based instruction
  • Practical tips for teaching phonological awareness and spelling to ensure students have strategies to access all subject areas

NB: Any associated materials will be provided with the webinar.

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