Syllable Split

To secure the knowledge that syllables are parts of spoken and written words

*** The iDeaL Approach to Structured Literacy ***

Learning Matters


The iDeaL Approach provides classroom teachers, sencos, LSCs and school-based intervention teachers with the knowledge, appropriate assessments, reporting systems and multisensory resources to explicitly teach foundation literacy skills in a Structured Literacy approach. It is a complete, comprehensive, and cost-effective approach that will lead to increased student outcomes in reading fluency, vocabulary and writing, when delivered as intended.

The iDeaL Approach is New Zealand’s only online Structured Literacy platform, and can be accessed anywhere online via the iDeaL Online Platform. The platform provides educators with an informative, diagnostic, systematic, and cumulative approach to deliver Structured Literacy through direct instruction in both mainstream classes and intervention settings. 

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Why choose the iDeaL Approach?

  • Improved Teacher Knowledge

Teachers will become increasingly knowledgeable, as they work through carefully selected learning modules to help build their capabilities in order to successfully teach crucial literacy skills.

  • School wide consistent pedagogy and practice

When implemented across a team, or school, a consistent and sustained pathway will begin to develop. Students will build on foundation literacy skills with success because teachers know how to teach each and every brain to read.

  • Access to tools for assessment and all teaching resources

Teaching at their fingertips. No planning necessary. Assessments which have been designed to guide and direct systematic teaching practices and provide a personalised learning plan for students.

  • The ability to grow as a community of learners

Become part of the iDeaL community and experience success together! Grow your knowledge alongside your colleagues as you work towards consistent evidence based knowledge and practices. Be a part of the iDeaL online community which connects and supports through shared experiences.

  • Confident teachers

Increased student outcomes and supportive and engaged whānau. No second guessing. Be reassured that you are not leaving reading to chance!

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