Moving Forward with Structured Literacy Practice - workshop

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A great webinar workshop for those considering the transition to Structured Literacy.

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This webinar comprises three 1.5 hour sessions.

Join the Learning MATTERS team as they walk you through the Science of Reading and the elements and principles of Structured Literacy. They will share with you the approach being implemented in more than 200 schools nationwide that is making a difference to so many students.

Suitable for classroom teachers RTLB, RTLits, Specialist Teachers across year levels, Teacher Aides, current iDeaL Users and Homeschoolers working with students of all ages for people interested in learning more about current evidence based systematic literacy instruction.

Learn about:

  • Review of the reading brain - Deepen your understanding of WHY Structured Literacy is suitable for ALL brains
  • Orthographic Mapping - What is it and why it matters to teach in a way that assists students bank words in their sight word banks 
  • From Assessment - Identifying diagnostic needs - starting points on the scope and sequence for teaching spelling - develop an understanding of how this  works effectively on the iDeaL Online Platform.  
  • Explicit Instruction - Teaching in a way that ensures our students get it. Observe quality explicit instruction during a systematic spelling session 
  • Spelling into Reading - what does this look like 

Participants will walk away with:

  • An example lesson sequence for spelling and reading (using decodable texts)
  • increased knowledge
  • An understanding of what explicit looks like in a structured literacy lesson
  • a workbook full of gems
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