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To secure the knowledge that syllables are parts of spoken and written words

Alphabet Sound Card - PDF

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Connecting letters with their sounds to read and write is called the alphabetic principle.

This Alphabet Sound Card (with a Kiwiana theme) can be used for teaching students letter names and sounds.  The sound card can be used as a tool on tables for writing or made up in packs for games.

The visuals on the card provide students with a 'hook' to remember a keyword for each sound.

Included in this resource is a Handwriting Formation prompt for lowercase letters. This could be printed on the reverse side of the Alphabet Sound Card or used independently. This prompt utilises the sky/grass/dirt arrangement which helps master the correct proportion and placement of letters. 

Students’ development in forming letters correctly supports letter/sound correspondence and reading skills. Use this resource in a multi-sensory capacity by having students say the sound as they are writing the letter.

The Handwriting Formation prompt aligns with Learning MATTERS Handwriting books using sky/grass/dirt.

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