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Alba Series Reading Books

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This series has a feisty, resourceful female heroine. Alba steps in to save the day when someone threatens to jeopardise her father’s important scientific work.

The Alba Series contains 12 books offering a step-by-step phonic progression within exciting, beautiful full-colour illustrations and age-appropriate stories.

This series covers the essential phonic foundations a catch-up reader will need, starting at CVC/CVCC level. It will appeal to both boys and girls. The Alba Series follows the same phonic progression as the Totem Series.

Includes 12 decodable books starting at CVC & CVCC level:

  • Book 1: cvc, cvcc
  • Book 2: cvc, cvcc, ccvc
  • Book 3: cvc, cvcc, ccvc, ccvcc
  • Book 4: sh, ch, th
  • Book 5: ck, ng, qu, wh
  • Book 6: 'ae': ai, ay, a-e, a
  • Book 7: 'ee': ee, ea, e, y, ey
  • Book 8: 'oe': o-e, ow, oa, o
  • Book 9: 'er': er, ir, ur
  • Book 10: 'ow': ow, ou
  • Book 11: 'ie': igh, i-e, y, i
  • Book 12: 'oo': oo, ew, u-e, u

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A workbook is available. The workbook offers segmenting, blending, phoneme manipulation and comprehension activities linked to each of the stories. (272 pages).

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