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To secure the knowledge that syllables are parts of spoken and written words

Equipped for Reading Success by David Kilpatrick


A comprehensive, step-by-step program for developing Phonemic Awareness and Fluent Word Recognition.

In recent years, scientists have made great strides in understanding how children learn to read, but also in how to prevent and correct most reading difficulties.  However, the American Federation for Teachers, the Journal of Learning Disabilities, and School Psychology Review have all highlighted the fact that these scientific findings have not yet become widely known or used in our schools.  Equipped for Reading Success is designed to summarise these research results in a clear and easy-to-read manner, bringing teachers up-to-date on these exciting findings.

More than an explanation of current research, Equipped for Reading Success is a complete program for training phoneme awareness.  Research has shown that contrary to our intuitions, phoneme awareness is important for remembering the words we read (sight-word recognition), not just for developing phonic decoding skills.  Equipped for Reading Success uses a developmentally appropriate approach designed to boost phoneme awareness, phonics, and instant word recognition.

Equipped for Reading Success also gives teachers concrete tools to help children develop a large sign vocabulary.  In addition, it is designed to supplement any existing reading program or approach.  Implementing the program requires minimal planning and only several minutes of supplemental instruction per day.

With today‚Äôs emphasis on Response to Intervention (RTI), Equipped for Reading Success incorporates approaches and principles drawn from the research to make RTI efforts successful.  Equipped for Reading Success is

  1. Preventive in kindergarten and first grade
  2. Provides remedial help for struggling readers, and
  3. Can accelerate the progress of students with reading disabilities, thus providing interventions for all tiers of RTI

Source:  David Kilpatrick, Equipped for reading success

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