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The Dragon Eggs Series (10 books)

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What is the Dragon Eggs series?

This is a series of 10 decodable books that combine a revision of those tricky vowel digraphs and an exciting, beautifully-illustrated quest with dragons in it! What a great way to engage children and secure their Alphabetic Code knowledge and reading skills at the same time!

  • Book 1: ae
  • Book 2: ee
  • Book 3: oe
  • Book 4: er
  • Book 5: ow & oi
  • Book 6: oo
  • Book 7: ie
  • Book 8: aw
  • Book 9: air
  • Book 10: ar

Who is this series for?

Great for beginner readers and struggling readers. Many children have just returned to the classroom and may need a boost to their reading. This series is for them! It introduces 6/7 spelling alternatives for a vowel sound within each book. Securing code knowledge will support decoding. Improving decoding will develop reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension.

Who doesn't love dragons?

If you are looking for a fresh, exciting reading resource that will enthuse your learners and consolidate their reading - check this new series out!

Fun ways to boost reading with the Dragon Eggs Series

  1. Teach the spelling alternatives in the book explicitly so that when the children read the text, they can decode the words.
  2. Reread the text with expression to develop reading fluency.
  3. Use transparent counters to find all the words with the target phoneme.

Don't forget that a workbook complements the series to support your learners. It includes reading, spelling and comprehension activities based on the stories in the reading series.

Note that each book has a 'Reading Practice' page and a 'Vocabulary' page.

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