Syllable Split

To secure the knowledge that syllables are parts of spoken and written words

Dandelion Readers Units 1-10 Set 3 - Sit, Sam

Phonic Books


Dandelion Readers follow the same phonic progression as the Dandelion Launchers. 
The key difference between the two book series is the amount of text on a page. Dandelion Readers have more text than the Dandelion Launchers. 

In Set 3 'Sit, Sam':

  • Units 1-7 introduce the initial sounds of the alphabet and adjacent consonants.
  • Units 8-10 introduce consonant blends.

There are 3 parallel sets, each with 10 books including a reading game in each book.

Set 2 and Set 3 Units 1-10 is supported by a spiral-bound book of photocopiable, multisensory activities linked to  Set 2 ‘A Mat’ and Set 3 ‘Sit, Sam’ (120 pages).

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