Syllable Split

To secure the knowledge that syllables are parts of spoken and written words

Dandelion World Stages 8-15

Phonic Books


This series comprises 16 non-fiction books. Aimed at children in Reception to Year 2, each stage introduces words with adjacent consonants (consonant blends) and consonant digraphs (consonant teams).

Each stage practises new letters/sounds while supporting previously taught letters/sounds and high-frequency words. There are two books at each stage to reinforce learning:

  • Stage 8: CVCC
  • Stage 9: CCVC
  • Stage 10: CCVCC
  • Stage 11: ch
  • Stage 12: sh
  • Stage 13: th
  • Stage 14: ck, wh
  • Stage 15: ng, qu

Follows the same scope and sequence as Dandelion Launchers units 8-10 and Dandelion Launchers units 11-15.

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